Monday, January 28, 2008

ISB wins T-20 in style


This is a GREAT moment in the history of Indian education. My school - the INDIAN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS - ISB, HYDERABAD has been ranked Top 20 in the Global MBA rankings 2008 by Financial Times. Just proves what a combination of Faculty, Students and Administration this place has.... The youngest school to leapfrog into the Top 20 of the World.

Am personally thrilled to see that ISB has been ranked higher than Darden, McDonough and Smith!!! It is ISB's T-20 victory. And we, the students are proud of this school, its faculty and the educational environment and impact that has been created. We will celebrate this T20 victory with dignity, humility and sensitivity.

This is a historical and proud moment for ISB in particular and Indian education as a whole. CELEBRATIONS Galore.

Photos show the official announcement by Deputy Dean Ajit & the celebrating students!!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

everything has a price


(obviously adapted from the obvious ad)

A new car to roam in Hyderabad - Rs. 4.1 lakhs
A quick caffeine - 5 Rupee coin
Finishing the MarkStrat - 12 coffee cups
Clearing the Statistics exam - 2 hours of sleep on exam night
Cost of the MBA - Rs 16+ lakhs
Stay awake in class after a sleepless night - Cardamom Tea
Cost of a laptop - Rs. 40,000
Listen to eminent speakers - an evening date with the wife
Group meeting at 4:15 PM - 2 Samosas at Rs 10.50
100% attendance - flying back in 1 hour after sis' wedding
Weekend homework - Missing Sivaji first day, first show
Term end project - 4 pizzas
Hyderabad life - 2 burning hot months
Crashing the MBA - no blogs for 10 months
Pushing life every day - 140/90 Blood pressure

the overall ISB experience - PRICELESS.......