Wednesday, December 28, 2005

sweet nothings


It is holiday season, it is winter, it is the time for a new year to be born - it is time for a little romance.

It never ceases to amaze people what is that lovers talk so much. The endless talks in person, the hours of non stop romance over phone, the hushed whispers, the ding ding messengers, the alerts of SMS flirt messages - of course it must be puzzling a bunch of people (who haven't met the right one yet) on what could be there so much to talk ? For Godssake, even China and United States do not have so much to talk on bilateral agreements.
What would be even more puzzling is the fact that 2 people who have been "identified" as the right "the one" for each other with the help of matrimonial bureaus and blessings of the elders also have so much to talk pretty much right away ! They were strangers to each other less than 24 hours ago and all of a sudden they have so much to talk and so much to share !! The movie Azhagan had the wonderful picturisation of lovers-talk scenario with a typical KB touch in the song Sangeetha swarangal..

So what do the lovers talk ? Even if one were to give a minute by minute autobiographical sketch to one another, it can take only so much time. And it cant be that interesting to talk about for hours & days anyway. Movies, perhaps ? But that becomes a repetition soon enough. Tastes, likes, dislikes ? Well, that would actually end in a single post in a blog. About friends, rumors, gossips ? One needs to spend time to collect these information - if he/she is always on phone & Yahoo all the time, where can he/she get the time to collect these information ? Unless one keeps talking the same stuff over and over again to the other, like the never ending TBS repeats of the sitcoms, Iam running out of potential topics that can be talked about!

The surprising thing is that while we in this post already got tired trying to figure out what are the topics that the lovers talk about so much, the courting couple never seem to get tired after hours and hours of chats for days and weeks. They always show the same enthusiasm to meet, to speak; their faces glow the same way when the cell beeps like it did the first time. And they spend the same time and even more during every call.

And yet, after all those hours, if one were to ask the lover boy or girl what he/she talked, seldom is it remembered. The best answer that you can get is a smile (with a blush). And a complaint that there isn't enough time to talk and/or there are always intrusions (realize that they are referring to you!). Of course, this long hours of love-talk is called sweet nothings for every correct reason.

And so my friends who have found your right one, continue your non stop yapping. And my other friends, who are puzzled by this unending blah blah & blah, just wait until you meet the right one to start your quota of payment to the mobile companies.

Who knows, maybe if people & governments talked to each other more like this, there will be more love in the air and the world may not necessarily face some of the problems that are existent now !

Happy New Year, Happy Holidays and happy romancing.


Monday, December 19, 2005

alonso joins mercedes


Thanks to all for a very lively discussion on the previous post. Iam sorry for my lack of responses up there, but will definitely follow your comments with a continuation post shortly.

Meanwhile Iam here just to update the recent events in the best of motorsport - Formula One. World Champion Fernando Alonso is moving to Vodafone McLaren Mercedez racing from the 2007 season. This means the ouster of either Juan Pablo Montoya or Kimi Raikkonen from the Mercedes team at the end of 2006. The answer as of now is apparent that Raikkonen would most likely move over to Ferrari-Marlboro team, replacing the all time world champion Michael Schumacher.

Alonso's move will definitely put Renault to a backseat, this only adding to their woe of tyre king Michelin deciding to withdraw out of Formula One at the end of 2006 season. With the Concorde agreement coming to a close we are in for very interesting times ! This is the current prediction of the 2007 lineup of the top teams.

Renault - Giancarlo Fisichella & Heiki Kovalainen
Ferrari-Marlboro - Kimi Raikkonen & Felippe Massa
Vodafone McLaren-Mercedes - Fernando Alonso & Juan Pablo Montoya

This year Iam still confused between cheering for McLaren & Renault. In any case I will continue to cheer for Michelin.


Saturday, December 03, 2005

aa ab laut chalen ?


Let me state upfront. This is not some quarter-life or mid-life crisis situation. This is neither a "rude awakening" nor a "Eureka" scenario. And it is definitely not a gyan that is obtained from sitting under the bodhi tree. It is a as-usual rambling from Siva after a small break.

Many of us have migrated from the east, travelling far and wide into the west, moving to UK, Europe and the North America - even Australia and Singapore for greener pastures. We have claimed that we are moving towards more oppurtunities, better lifestyles, fasttrack careers, challenging work, growth & needless to say more money. Our predecessors and our generation have used one or more of the above reaons in different combinations packing them into justifying euphimisms convincing others and actually themselves for leaving home behind.

But look at the situation now. East is where all the action is. India is the most happening place. With the IT and BPO domination, India is now undergoing a rapid transformation from the "land of snake charmers" to that of a "land of intelligent workers". Several countries are fighting for associating themselves with India. Of course, there may be miles to go before one can compare west and India in various parameters - however this is the time when the foundation is being laid and everything is happening..

Look at the advent of MNCs into India. IT, Electronics, Auto, Banking are already firmly committed. As a result of this growth, the lifestyles of urban towns have fully transformed. The real estates are booming. People afford to buy & use hi-tech gadgets more commonly. It is hard to spot a middle-class home without cellphones, motorcycles, small cars - when only 15 years back it was reason enough to celebrate the purchase of a color TV. Audi sells over 100 cars in India and Porsche wants to capture a segment of Indian market !! The nation is flying high.

The chinese always said "May you live in interesting times!". My question is, are we missing out all this action and fun by being away from home during these 'interesting' times ? Are we missing the oppurtunity of participating and contributing to this transformation in our quest for self growth ? Are we not cheating ourselves by not letting all our energy put to constructive use during this wonderful renaissance happening at home ? Isnt this the dream that we have been wanting to come true for long ? Didnt we come to these developed nations chasing this dream ? Shouldnt we be back home now, partaking in this adventure.. Atleast if not to provide our services, shouldnt we atleast enjoy this metamorphosis ?

Is it time for prodigal sons to return home ?

I dont know. I tried to answer these questions. Of course a hundred thousand justifications on what I am doing and why I am where Iam hit my mind instantaenously, but I ve come to realize that there are always justifications to all questions.

And then there will be answers.