Wednesday, January 31, 2007



I just completed reading a couple of (unauthorized) biographies of Steve Jobs, the king-of-Mac. While much has been said and read about his evil nemesis Bill Gates, it was a very different idea I got about Steve Jobs after going through these biographies. Of course, they could be biased, sponsored by Bill Gates himself to tarnish the image of the king; It still revealed a darker side of his persona and for some reason I have now very little attraction to Mac, iPod and the like.

After touring India and getting himself buried in Zen principles, Steve Jobs went on to break
the things which he 'posed' to believe. Fathering a child with Chris-Ann, Steve Jobs refused to accept the fact that he was the father even after a DNA test proved him to be the one; even after the state court ordered him to take custody or provide alimony. It took him more than 10 years before which that daughter (Lisa) was allowed to use his last name.

He broke off trust and relation even with his closest friends to prove his authority - be it Dan Kookte or Steve Wozniak or Mike Marukkula. By sheer marketing brilliance and displaying overpowering passion he has demanded authority everywhere - sometimes it has backfired and sometimes it has worked so well.

Not to blindly discredit Steve Jobs, it only goes to prove that the darker side exists everywhere - even with the geeky technologist believing in Zen - and the icon Steve Jobs is no exception to the rule.

At the end of it, I somehow get a feeling Bill Gates is a shrewd businessman but not necessarily a bad human and definitely much better than the geeky, young, rash, abrasive Steve Jobs. And I have stopped becoming crazy for Mac, iPod and the like..



Dinesh said...

You know Jobs is also human. Ego is part of a man. I read the book and did taste the Jobs' dark side, but just imagine, without his aggressiveness towards everything, the PC industry wouldn't be where it is now.

BTW, wait for Leopard to get your Mac, its about time that it will be released and also iLife 07.

Anonymous said...

Its easy to comment or make a critics on others. Every human has a dark side. Who knows if Bill Gates has a dark side may be you will stop using Microsoft. No body has rights to comment on other people personal matters. Please see the positive side of the human instead of trying to find the negative and poking on it. We are humans and have sixth sense to think.