Wednesday, May 30, 2007

madras maadhiri varuma - the cleanest metro


I watched the movie MINNALE umpteen times. I own the DVD as well. Yes, I do like Reema Sen and I used to be a Madhavan fan. But beyond all this, there is another reason why I liked that movie. There is one dialogue which occurs twice - once by Maddy and other by Reema "ennadhaan irundhaalum Madras maadhiri varuma"( Whatever you say, can any other place compare to Chennai?). And I loved it !!

I wasnt born in Chennai. I spent close to 6 years there - some of the best years of my life. I have a great affinity towards the city and no wonder today I was punching my fists in the air when I read the following news item from IBN LIVE - Chennai has been rated as the cleanest metro in India . It is NOT Bangalore, NOT Delhi and NOT Mumbai, but our very own ever lovely Chennai !!

And so Chennaiites who are happy and those who smirk at this article with skepticism, let us keep the city clean and green.

Madras, Namma Madras..



Deepak Chembath said...

Thalaiva, correcta sonninga. No place can really beat madras !

Dinesh said...

I love Chennai too ! It's where I have had the most fun.

Eshwar said...

Absolutely dude. No city can beat chennai.

desigan said...

Entha Oor Ponalum, Namma Oor Pola Varuma --> Very Very True.

Anonymous said...

Off topic...

Mu.Ka.Stalin, Mu.Ka.Azhagiri, and Mu.Ka.Muthu all 3 goto write an exam on dravidian philosophy.

In the answer sheet there's a column Father's name.

Stalin writes : Thanthai Periyar
Azhagiri writes : Perarignar Anna
Muthu writes : Ambedkar.

After the exam, a surprised kalaignar mu.karunanidhi asks 'em as to y they did so.

For which all 3 reply back : Naanga ellarum un peyar-i ezhudhirindhaa naanga copy-addichom-nu neneichuppaanga...Copy-addichavan-endra pattathaivida, thevdiyaapasangalaa-ve irrundhuttu porom-nu dhaan !! (Had we given the same name, invigilator would have thought we have copied. Instead of a copy-cat title, we rather prefer to be b**t*rds)

Posted by A.Abdul Hakim, Tirunelveli District
Tamilnadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam

Siva said...

Hey... Shiva.. me too.. loved that dialogue "Madras mathiri varuma"...

Me too.. hardcore madraskaran...