Monday, April 16, 2007

the journey resumes


I am finally back at school again !!

Traveling by the Charminar Express to the Cyber city, we (I and my better half) decided to be in the hot-spot one day early. As we negotiated with the porters and the cabs, I realized that I had to put use some of the management skills even before I had a chance to acquire them. Finally dumped the huge bags in the trunk of a cab (Don't worry if it doesn't fit in. I will tie the car with a rope.. it is much stronger than the lock of the trunk - the reassurance from a friendly cab driver) and took the 45 minute journey to the Indian School of Business (ISB) campus at Gachibowli - crisscrossing the maze of what is called the city of Hyderabad.

The campus itself is awesome. Took the Executive Housing for the first day and had a good walk all evening. One cannot believe that there exists such a beautiful, serene, calm and romantic place in a crazy city. On the April 14th, the D-Day, the actual registration commenced. It is being followed by a week long orientation program and the regular classes start on April 23.

Putting the real faces from those who established friendships via Orkut or the forums was interesting. The last 72 hours have gone in either saying or hearing "Hi.. We haven't met. I am xxxxxx from yyyyyy.. and You ?" . Parties have started already and we managed to have 2 in 2 days... I guess the nearby wine shop really doesn't need any marketing help.

Somewhere in the middle of this beautiful campus and non-stop partying we expect to have a roasting schedule to study. I will keep this blog updated (but apparently that is what everybody says in the first term of the school.. then they forget they have a blog and then they forget they have a life !)..

and so the school journey resumes again!!



Desigan said...

Let the show begin. All the best.

Anonymous said...

All the Best Siva.

One more thing I came across one of my best friend in the Temple last week. He and his friends have started a new web site called Please visit the site and pre-register on it. Spread the words and lets help an Indian website to grow.


Ganesh said...


Lot of things happening here :)
My best wishes to you .

Nott said...

Best wishes dude

Shiva said...

thanks da desi.. How are you ? Will mail my numbers..

yep Ganesh! Thanks

thanks Nott!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Siva,

My interest in ISB got me into reading ur blog. Congrats on making it to ISB. Hope things r going on the way u expected. I am from VA too. Presently in Fairfax. Preparing for a Bschool admit. U might have guessed it already that ISB is one of the target schools. Anyway Good Luck for ur coming year.


Shiva said...


Wish you all the best for your MBA preps. You can get in touch with me if you need any specific queries resolved. I used to live in Ffx, Alex, Springfield area for 5+ years before I decided to move to ISB.

Anonymous said...


Thx for extending help. I will let u know if i need any. Till then gud luck for ur grueling course work.


சுந்தர் / Sundar said...

All the Best Siva .
Ppl said to me that you are moving fwd for studies ..
I thought it was a rumour ...

JpeterJeyaraj said...

Hi Siva,

How are you da? Out of the blue I got into this blogspot, i got this domain registered, .net and .org so I thought who else has a blogspot on this name to my surprise its you. The world is so small now I believe that statement. Keep in touch.