Saturday, April 28, 2007

the royal wedding


The whole Indian media has gone nuts over it. This has received LIVE telecasts in multiple nationally respected television channels. The event has masked the World Cup cricket, VA Tech news, the campus shooting of AP, Kalam's second term discussion, the UP elections and what not.. And if the entire media has written all over it, why shouldn't this so called active blogger do it ?

The question can bounce back. If everyone has written about it, then what have I got to say that is new? Am not willing to answer that one and so I am proceeding to record my views here - after all none of the actual media ever got to see the event anyway - so we are all in the same boat.

Amitabh Bachan is in India of what Queen Elizabeth is in UK or Arnold Schwarzneggar in the US. His status is iconic. And any event inside his family, like his cow giving birth to a calf, would be treated with nothing less than a national holiday. And if the Prince of the King is getting married, what else could be of national importance? And it gets only better - if the Prince is getting married to the most coveted princess, whom the world titled as the most beautiful person, this is a celestial event; a fairy tale..

Lets not worry that these people are mere mortals and just movie celebrities. Lets not dwell upon the fact that each of them had several lovers before this and what is happening now is more of a business arrangement than a actual marriage. Lets not break our heads in figuring out that we all have our own lives and important things keep happening around us - lets all gather in front of Pratheeksha for days together waiting to see the dulhe Raja; or gather in front of TV sets to watch replays of Kajol, Anil Ambani and Sachin Tendulkar walk inside the wedding arena.
And yeah, why spare the Gods too!! Lets block all queues of Tirupati, the roads, airport runways for the celebrity couple to have a private meeting with the Lord himself. The mere mortals can wait another few hours - after all, do they donate Rs 5.1 million in one year?

We are a bunch of intelligent lot. And somehow when the majority of us out hours of our lifetime to watch, track, discuss and blog(!!) about such a wedding of 2 movie stars; or run judicial cases & issue arrest warrants to a foreign actor who kissed a bollywood heroine in the cheeks - we don't seem that intelligent. But we are people who have traditionally placed the shadow stars above everything else and painted them with larger than life status. We make them real life Gods out of their movie screen characters and worship them - literally..

Oh come on, lets forget the sarcastic blogger.. Can we google to see if we get more cellphone cam pictures of the wedding? Maybe the Tahiti photos would be more exciting !! ;) Can we sponsor the "neighbour" a trip ?


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desigan said...

Waste of Time, Waste of Eneryg & Waste of Resources. The Media made this marriage & i hope they allow it to sustain as well.

Time will answer.